Dentisland Dental Health Group has opened its first branch in Bakırköy in 2013 with its qualified staff and renewed face. Our group, which opened its second branch in Kadıköy Bağdat Street as of 2018, aims to continue branching in order to achieve greater success in the years ahead.

The main aim is to follow the developing technology, adopting dental health treatments that continuously advance diagnosis and treatment methods, to provide better and safer health services to patients.

Our group set out with the concept of service that adds value to health, continues to give confidence with qualified physician and staff. Our group, which prioritizes patient satisfaction, is the reference source not only for domestic patients but also for all international patients within the scope of Health Tourism.

Dentisland Dental Group is always with you with its friendly team and value added service concept…


Our mission
As Dentisland, it is possible to present oral and dental health treatments to all needs by using the latest technological facilities with internationally approved methods in all branches of expertise.


Our Vision
To be a reference Center in our country and international field based on professional working methods as a treatment center in oral and dental health care.